Abby Winters Model Alison J

Alison J

by Kevin on August 11, 2011

Alison J, age 20

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What a great way to end a day (or start one). Abby Winters model Alison J is a real beauty and a bit of a tease, which I really like. Her photo shoot starts off with her sitting in provocative positions while she teases by showing a bit of her panties (crotch shot) and sexy bra. She slowly strips down to her underwear and shows you her amazing ass in sexy little panties. The photographer did a great job giving you every angle imaginable as she teases and then pulls down one side of her bra revealing a pierced nipple (and oh what a nipple!). I don’t know what it is but I love when teens cup their breasts and give them a bit of a squeeze. Maybe it’s because it’s because I wish it was me who was cupping them!

By the time you hit the mid 100 photo she’s ready to give you a glimpse of her natural bush that she has. It’s not a massive bush like I’ve seen on some girls. She’s maintained it so it’s not out of control. Once all the clothes come off then she starts to stretch into different flexible positions and you get to see her intimates from all sorts of cool angles. Did I say cool? I meant incredibly hot!  What do you think?  Take a look and let me know.

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Like before I just couldn’t limit this beautiful girl to just 9 images so I stretched the rules a bit and slipped in a couple extra for our viewing pleasures.. and oh what a pleasure!

Abby Winters says she’s got an irresistible accent.. oh my!  What can be more sexy than an attractive teen like Alison J with an accent when she speaks?  Like most models, she writes a little letter for you to read before and after the shoot.. but unlike the others, I had a hard time reading them.  It’s great to see that I’m not the only one who should be typing and not hand writing things.  lol.  With a little decoding I managed to make out almost all the words and this girl is truly cute.  The biggest problem I had reading her writing is because I realized it’s not all in English haha, thankfully I speak French as well so I figured out the top half was English and bottom French.  Her “after the shoot” letter was easier to read.  Perhaps her nerves were getting the best of her and causing her writing to be shaky?  With a killer body like your’s, there’s no need to be nervous Alison!

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