Abby Winters Model Chloe B and Marigold

Chloe B and Marigold

by Kevin on August 10, 2011

Chloe B (age 20) and Marigold (age 22)

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Chloe B Sets: 34 (7084 images) | Videos: 117 (22 hours 52 minutes)
Marigold Sets: 17 (2618 images) | Videos: 50 (9 hours 19 minutes)

Wow!  These are two of my favorite Abby Winters models and here they are, getting all cuddly and intimate with each other.  They start outside making out and having fun.  It’s amazing to see their smiles and you can tell that these two girls are truly enjoying what they are doing.  Smiles turn to kisses, kisses turn to playing.. it doesn’t take long before they need to take this kind of activity indoors and into the bedroom!  They didn’t even get that far before nipples started to come out.

Clothes come out and then you finally get to see their amazing bodies.  Chloe B has fantasticly large breasts and it looks like Marigold loves licking and playing with them.  There are a lot of fantastic panty shots and great bum shots too.  Some of my favorite shots are when Marigold is on top of Chloe B kissing while her panties are moved over so Chloe B can insert her finger into her hairy pussy.  You’ll see in some of the pictures I selected for you to see that these girls get hot and heavy.  There’s also a great shot of both of their pussies from behind.  Here are the images.

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Each of them get their chance for a little intimate kissing and licking “down under”  (get it… Aussie joke).  After they are done, they kiss a few more times and cuddle up.  This is a very nice image set and you can find a lot more just like this (many of them have videos too).  They don’t use any toys in this set, just their fingers and tongues.. which is fine by me!  The level of intimacy is very erotic between these two.  Near the end, Chloe B lays back and lets Marigold lick and finger her into an orgasm as she squeezes her nipples and very large breasts.

This is not the first shoot that either of these girls have done.. and thankfully not the last either.  There’s a reason why there are so many images and videos of these two, they are dead sexy!  I hope you enjoyed these, I know I did!

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