Abby Winters Model Felicity M

Felicity M

by Kevin on August 17, 2011

Felicity M, age 20

Sets: 2 (248 images) | Videos: 2 (29:50 minutes) | Join: Abby Winters

I’m not sure where to start with Abby Winters model Felicity M. Her cute smile, those sexy glasses, her blonde hair.. the list goes on and on.  One of the first things that I noticed when I went to her profile on the Abby Winters website was her amazing smile.  I’m thinking Mona Lisa meets Sexy Teen Model?

Everything I previously described before was from her neck up.. don’t get me wrong, I noticed below there too!  Her creamy thighs, toned tummy, amazing ass.. this list goes on too (I’m sure you are starting your own now too).  She also has some unique tattoos too.  Anyway, she starts off her photo set looking pretty sexy on her couch.  It doesn’t take long before the skirt comes off and reveals some sexy panties and an amazing butt.  Thankfully it doesn’t stop there and she slowly starts to show you the rest of her body.. and oh what a body!  She has another photo set that I don’t have pictures of but have recently looked at and oh.. my… goodness!  If you think (agree) that this set is hot, you should see the next one.  In the next set she has an intimate moment and fingers do some exploring.  <hot flash>

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Like the other Abby Winters models, Felicity M takes a little time out of her day to write you a couple lovely letters.  Her before letter tells you about how excited she is to get naked.. I must admit, I was a bit excited for her to get naked too.  Her “after the shoot” letter is equally enjoyable and very creative with the drawings.  This girl has talent!  If I had to pick a favorite picture out of this set I would have to say the 8th picture shown above, where she has her shirt up and she’s half laying on the floor with feet on the couch.  I’m trying to remember the yoga name for that pose and for some reason I’m thinking Cobra?  Either way, it’s damn sexy.  I’m sure you have your favorites too, the rest of us would like to hear from you.

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