Abby Winters Model Julia H

Julia H

by Kevin on August 20, 2011

Julia H, age 27

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Probably one of the older models on the Abby Winters website, Julia H shouldn’t be overlooked because of her age.. she’s got plenty to offer!  This busty beauty has an amazing smile, great breasts, a hairy bush and cute perky nipples.  Her facial expressions later on in the photo shoot are priceless too!

Described as a naturally delicious Aussie babe, I can’t say that I would argue.  Starting off in her soft cup bra, she lets you see her rapidly hardening nipples.  As she undresses you get to see a perfect example of awesome.  There are many talented models out there, some could be defined as better looking than Julia H however not many have breasts as perfectly round and delicious looking!  There are quite a few images in this photo set that show you just how round they are and how perfect they are too.  The photographers at Abby Winters have a great ability for taking shots from all sorts of creative angles.. giving you a view that is rarely seen (on the internet or in person).  Take a look..

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I don’t want to get all “dirty talk” but some of these Abby Winters models stir funny feelings down below, I know you know what I’m talking about.  It doesn’t matter if you’re male or female, these girls are hot!  There’s a reason why Abby Winters has won numerous awards for their unique website.  There’s stuff here you won’t find anywhere else!  Speaking of which, Abby asks her models to write you a personal note before and after each shoot.  Julia H is very creative in her’s and she draws some colourful and creative stuff there too.  Julia H, you’ve captured our hearts!

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