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by Kevin on July 1, 2011

Maria, age 19

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This is Maria.  She is 19 years old and an absolute cutie!  At first glance I thought nothing of it but she’s one of Australia’s natural beauties, but she starts posing in a coat.  haha.  I didn’t realize that even Australia has it’s cold seasons.

Anyway, back to the good stuff.  This 19 year old teen beauty is amazing.  She starts off posing with her pretty smile and quickly shows you that she’s only wearing a bra under her jacket.  Oh man, and it comes off and all you’re left with are a pair of the most amazing breasts I’ve ever seen.  Nice large areolas, fantastic nipples.. I just want to bite into them!  (well, maybe not bite but I’ll definitely use my mouth).  What else is there to do when you finally get naked?  Well, Maria lays back, spreads her legs and spreads her nice pink pussy for you too see.  Rubbing around a little, this beauty is bound to “erect” a standing ovation.  One of my favorite pictures, and sadly not one of the ones shown here, is image 161 from this set where she lays back, cups her breasts and pushes them together.

Abby Winters model Maria has another image set that is equally pleasing in every way.  This teen beauty knows how to please and the camera brought out the best in her.  Unfortunately I can only give you a sneak peak otherwise it’s models like this that are worthy of displaying everything!  For Maria and other models, be sure to visit the links below or above.  You won’t be disappointed.

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