Abby Winters Model Megan U

Megan U

by Kevin on August 8, 2011

Megan U, age 23

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The classic expression/question is.. “does the carpet match the curtains?”

For Abby Winters model Megan U the answer is a screaming YES!  Like they say, “everybody loves a red head.”  Megan U takes the photo shoot outdoors where she strips down to show you a very nice body with a hairy red bush and cute pink nipples.  This delicious teen has a natural body that makes you realize just why we love Abby Winters so much.  In the last picture Megan sits naked on a spare wheel that’s attached to the back of a truck.. I’ve never wanted to be a wheel so badly in my life!  While there aren’t that many pictures in this shoot, they are definitely worth checking out.  Megan U is a true ginger… and an Aussie Ginger at that!

Megan U wrote a before and after letter to all of her viewers for this shoot.  While she says she was nervous, it didn’t show.  She’s a natural in front of the camera and an angel as far as I’m concerned.  Did she have a fun time like she wrote she hoped she’d have?  I don’t know.. but I sure did!  She drew a few pictures in her notes to you.. very creative and very symbolic.  Thank you Abby for another great model!

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